Hawkstar is a dark brown tabby tom.


Hawkkit was born to a rouge named Christmas and a warrior of ThunderClan named Frostpelt along with his sibling, Echokit His father Frostpelt brought him to ThunderClan because Christmas died trying to have her kits. He was very hyper as a kit and Foxtail, a queen took care of him.

Hawkkit became an apprentice. His mentor was Pumpkinshine. One day while battle training a badger crawled in and started a fight. Hawkpaw couldn't do much so he tried to fight the badger off. The badger killed Pumpkinshine.

After Pumpkinshine's death his new mentor was Spottedpelt.

After many moons of training Hawkpaw gets his warrior name, Hawkclaw.

He is given an apprentice Cedarpaw to train.

When Cedarpaw gets his warrior name, Cedarpelt. He doesn't have an apprentice to train.

Many moons later, Cedarpelt becomes deputy. Hawkclaw is very upset by this.

When a fox attacks camp, the fox takes Cedarpelt away and kills him. Hawkclaw is choosen to be deputy.

When ThunderCan's leader, Shadowstar dies he becomes leader, getting the name Hawkstar.




Christmas - Deceased


Frostpelt - Deceased


Echowave - Living