Welcome to ThunderClan! Enjoy your stay!


Thunderclan was created :P

Many people have been fighting over being leader so I(Echo) Have decided to lead this Clan. Sorry guys.

Hawkstar has choosen his deputy, Icestorm.


Leader; Hawkstar - A golden tabby tom. Rp'ed by Echo.

Deputy: Icestorm - white she-cat with silver chest and paws, ice-blue eyes. Roleplayed by icestorm.

Medicine Cat: Maplefrost - golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Roleplayed by Maplefern.

Warriors: Ravenstorm- Dark gray black tom with white dash on chest and bright blue eyes

Leafshade - black she cat with with splotches like leaves. Roleplayed by Snowstorm

Queens: Echowave A blueish gray she-cat with white paws. Rp'ed by Echo.